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Liv Worsnop

Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan exhibiting artist


potentials - liv worsnop.jpg

Space Stream, 2019, 297x210mm

potentials4 - liv worsnop.jpg

Glacial Refugia, 2019, 297x210mm

potentials6 - liv worsnop.jpg

Indivisible Blue, 2019, 297x210mm

I seek to celebrate, rectify and enhance humanities relationship with our Earth. My multidisciplinary  practice is both rooted in ancient, deep, endangered Earth wisdom whilst seeking both the planet and her people’s evolution. My interwoven practice seeks to move towards the mysterious, peripheral and potent spaces on the edge of what we know - into the mystical realms beyond the cerebral mind. Using found landscape photographs, I morph cut out images using a scanner and gestural movements. A near instantaneous process morphs views of our Earth into abstract, chaotic and distorted compositions. Residue of my movement is visible in the ribbons of rainbows that fuse infinite and contrasting landscapes into compositions that are otherworldly yet so intimately of this Earth. 

Liv Worsnop completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury in 2012. A deep reverence for this Earth and our relationship with it found her working within the building-less lots of post quake Christchurch. Under the title Plant Gang, she has implemented a number of inner city projects, including illustrated weed catalogues, a Zen garden, a sage field, site clean-ups and guerrilla gardens. 

Concurrent to Worsnop’s site specific work, she has sustained a studio practice. Using reclaimed soft fabrics and nature photography books, she creates images that explore and celebrate the infinite and indivisible connectedness that ripples through all of life. /

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