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Aaron Hogg

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga exhibiting artist

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aaron hogg.jpg

Christchurch based musician, graphic-designer & illustrator & proudly flying the "lowbrow" flag, Aaron Hoggs art explores dark &/or humorous themes that meld a raft of pop-culture iconography with a cast of naive, reoccurring characters & objects from the natural world & stitches them into sometimes complex, flowing compositions.

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


The inspiration for this artwork was the ancient Greek myth of Cassiopeia the Queen. I loved Greek mythology as a teenager being motivated to study it in high-school largely based on my fascination with the visual effects of Ray Harryhausen in the films Jason & The Argonauts (1963) & Clash of the Titans (1981). This fable seemed appropriately dark & melodramatic for me to create some ironically cheesy 70s style, LSD infused, van-art out of.

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