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Alix Ashworth

Shared Lines: Kaikōura exhibiting artist


Madonna of the Mundane (2018), Ceramic and mixed media

Alix has been working with ceramics for the last four years developing a skill that she took to like a fish in water. Pror to this she studied Fine Arts at Canterbury University, unfortunately not in sculpture. But on joining a pottery class for fun she found that sculpture, particularly in clay would be beginning of a great journey. Focusing on self portraiture and connection she creates works that are a reflection of herself. “My aim is to understand myself intimately, who I am and where I come from.”

Madonna of the Mundane (2018) is simultaneously a sculpture and a performance piece, commenting on what it is like to be a mother in today's modern society. I am influenced by feminine art and how women see and portray themselves, especially in social media. Although I am a mother I feel a disconnection with the ideals of motherhood. In a world where the house wife isn't always the norm, why do we still judge ourselves by the past. 

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