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Amber Clausner

Shared Lines Collaborator and Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan exhibiting artist


WE FEEL, Viral videos & manipulated single channel audio, 2016, 4:00mins

WE FEEL combines found footage from viral videos on YouTube with manipulated audio of the artist phonetically reading her poem 'POLITICALLY EMOTIONAL/EMOTIONALLY POLITICAL'. The video clips included have been selected for their documentation of human reactions to unpredictable natural phenomena, where the act of recording seems to place the cameraperson not in the event or sensuous landscape, but as spectator, viewer, always behind the screen, narrating from an unseeable body, like the God of Christianity.

Amber Clausner is an artist, writer and events co-ordinator from the UK, currently living in Te Whanganui-a-tara, Aotearoa. For the past year she has been a facilitator at artist run space; MEANWHILE and an active member of Shared Lines Collaborative. Clausner's art practice investigates human connection to the non-human world, specifically reflecting on her own experiences in Western culture where this relationship is often effected by human-made technologies and ideologies.

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