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Annie Matchsticks and Paul Paul

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artists


Given the opportunity 捧げられた機会

2 tickets from Sendai to Sado Island, sequined velvet wrapper. Postcard images. 2012.

仙台から佐渡島行きの航空券, ヴェルヴェット地, ポストカード

Sado Island is here after all, just not quite like being on the island, its just something else. Sado Island is just shorthand for hopefulness, but its also got a history as a land of exile. We had a good talk with our friend Mirabel to try and imagine someplace equivalent to what we were looking for here.

That’s the romance I guess, they’re not the same places, Christchurch is not the same as it was and Sendai probably isn’t either. What the hell is Sado Island? You could be there and look back to the mainland. Or you could not look back.

Looking for an outlet in this situation. The experience of being an artist in Christchurch now makes you rethink your art and it’s place in the world. Sigh. This was an opportunity for us to think this through and come up with some sort of temporary solution. Then on to the next thing.

We didn’t feel like making fossils or statues or memorials. Better to keep something moving even when you are standing still. There is a sign around here that says ‘its ok to slow down, just don’t stop.”

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