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Brooke Georgia 

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist


NoNoNoNoNo. pen & ink. 2011

treacle image.JPG

Stroke the dark streams. Treacle on wall. 2010.

My work has, in part, always been an assimilation of my experience. These drawings came out of my immediate response to losing my home and studio in the February 2011 earthquake. Loss of control, passivity and violence are recurring themes in my work which stands purposefully with its own vulnerability.

 I draw and manipulate materials in a manner that is challenging and curious, using the familiar to distort perceptions and cultivate instincts. 

Brooke works in drawing and installation sculpture. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, most recently a solo exhibition ‘Assented’ at CoCA Gallery, Christchurch in January 2011. 

She currently lives and works in Loburn, near Christchurch with her husband and two children.


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