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David Draper

Shared Lines: Wellington 2017, Shared Lines: Kaikōura 2019 & Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan 2020 exhibiting artist


job1 002 - David Draper.jpg

Brook and Wairoa,Inkjet Print 2015

Born and raised in Christchurch, I completed my BFA, BFA (hons) and MFA at UC from 2009 - 2016. I consider myself a documentary photographer and have been interested in culture, normally centered around the idea of family. As the son of an educator and a social worker, I have always had an interest in communicating the needs of people and hope that with photography we might better understand the world we live in. Currently studying to be a secondary school teacher.

Shared Lines: Wellington, Shared Lines: Kaikōura & Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan

2016-06-04 005 - David Draper.jpg

North Parade, Inkjet Print 2018

17-02-28 03 003 - David Draper.jpg

Oxford terrace, Inkjet Print , 2018

Parking Lot Skate Park – 2015, Bexley, Inkjet Print, 525mm W x 420 mm H

Birch – 2015, Bexley, Inkjet Print, 525mm W x 420mm H

This work is a semi-continuation of a documentary photography project set up by the Bexley Residents association and the University of Canterbury. The aim was to document the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes on the relatively small suburb of Bexley. Since the end of this project titled Disappearing Suburbs I have continued to visit the area of Bexley and photograph the shifts in the suburb as it goes from a residential area to what is termed as Red-Zone, where no further development is possible. My interest is in representing the current state of the area as well as referencing the history of the suburb and its potential future.  My hopes are that my photography can help start a conversation about the effects of disasters on the community and help prepare and educate people on this particular reality. Recently I have been photographing the wider Christchurch area in relation to our continuing development post-earthquake.

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