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Elizabeth Moyle

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist

Christchurch Spring Elizabeth Moyle.jpg

Christchurch Spring, Monoprint, 2012

The port Hills overlook Christchurch, and on February the 22nd 2011 just after the earthquake, a photo was taken from the port hills of Christchurch city shrouded in dust. In Christchurch Spring I have bought together the feeling of this image, but have also fractured the composition through the center. the overlay of colour becomes green in places, representing spring  with a view towards the future, a common goal for many cities around the world in 2011.


My most recent body of work is based around previous concepts I have had of ownership, exploring and discussing the temporary nature of life and the ownership of oneself. Perhaps I am now working with a narrative on our changing environment.

I major in printmaking, however drawing is the predominant component of my work. Last year I completed an honours year at Canterbury University of Fine Arts and have been exhibiting throughout New Zealand since 2007.



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