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Jenna Ingram

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga exhibiting artist

JennaIngramHeadInTheClouds2020-420x297 -

Head In The Clouds (2020)



Jenna Ingram’s distinctive and recurring character, or ‘heads’, are a study of the multi-faceted nature of human emotion – expressions of sadness, joy, stress, anger and other elements that reflect our lived experiences. Through the repetition and development of this character, Jen Heads are a recognisable and an ever-changing persona on the streets of Christchurch and further afield.

Jen has pursued art since she was 15, leading her to a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury. It was here that she was able to explore her love of graffiti as part of the urban landscape and its role in transforming this landscape, despite a certain painting tutor adamant declaration that ‘graffiti was dead’. This love of cityscapes, their multiple layers and the art that adorns them have proven an enduring attraction. It wasn’t until the Christchurch earthquakes however that Jen, along with Dr Suits, moved onto the streets, perhaps most notably producing the iconic ‘Band-Aids’ that soothed broken buildings. While trained in oil painting, her practice extends into a variety of methods and materials, while undertaking commissions from portraiture to commercial projects.


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


My work for Shared Lines investigates the concepts of identity and interconnection. Through the repetition of the heads which interlock and share eyes and ancient alchemy symbols, I'm exploring how our shared experience connects us all. Each head has both masculine and feminine aspects within (upper and lower lips), as we all have the hormones of testosterone and estrogen within us. The third eye eludes to an inner wisdom that through the ages has been documented humans do have and can reach. Using a symmetrical layout, I also touch on the universal idea of beauty and by viewing this artwork upside down, the image is the same.

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