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Jo  Ogier

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist

The Huia's Lament - woodcut - 2010 Jo Og

“The Huia’s Lament”, Woodcut, 2010

b. 1967, Nelson, Jo is an MFA graduate from the Otago School of Art, and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Plant and Wildlife Illustration (NSW Australia), along with a series of scholarships and awards - including the William Hodges Fellowship awarded to the artist in 2000. 


She has exhibited extensively in New Zealand and in several group shows internationally. Jo has also completed a number of large scale commissions for The Otago Museum, The Nelson Provincial Museum and The Department of Conservation. 


Her work is primarily concerned with issues of conservation and ecology. Jo currently works full time on her art and lives in Sumner, Christchurch with her husband and three dogs.

My work is concerned with issues of conservation, 

ecology and the role each of us can have in nurturing, protecting and preserving our fragile world. 


It seeks to promote public awareness of the unique beauty of the many endemic species of flora and fauna, plus the fragility of the ecological systems within it.


This current series of woodblock prints and drawings look at some of the reasons why many of our species have been pushed into or to the brink of extinction, especially with regard to the Huia and South Island Kokako. In many cases it is our own human greed for land, minerals, timber or water that is reducing habitats for our precious species combined with the introduction of many now unwanted pests such as stoats, ferrets and rats.



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