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Kerry Ann Lee

Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan exhibiting artist


66. Talking to Heaven - K. A. L..jpe

Talking to Heaven, hand-cut archival pigment prints on Palight board, string, metal hook, 2017 (5 pieces; installation of variable dimensions)



The word 'luck' is said to come from an old Anglo-Saxon verb meaning 'to catch' and therefore signifies something that is caught. Good luck can't be bought at the market.  Forget your shopping list. To remember everything is death.

Kerry Ann Lee is a visual artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand who works across geographies and time zones to create multi-media installations, print and image-based works that are site-specific and socially engaged. In the book, Unstuck in Time, Andrew Kennedy writes: “(Lee) creates a strange social space where the individual object/landscape’s history succumbs to the whole. These objects work to create an ecosphere of memory and experience”. Art critic Mark Amery describes her work as “feeling at once global and deeply personal”. Lee regularly exhibits nationally and internationally and has undertaken residencies in China, Taiwan, USA, Mexico and Australia.

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