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Te Karanga ki ngā Taniwha Event

Mirimiri Wānanga

Paegan Edmonds-Topia

Sun 20 August 


Capacity: 15-20

You are welcome to attend an introduction to Mirimiri (Māori massage) using Paegan Edmonds-Topia’s own home made rongoā (Māori medicinal) oils.


You will walk away with some basic tools to massage your loved ones and a basic recipe on how to make your own oils too!


*Ideally, bring a partner or work as a group of three.


*If you have anything you want to use to cleanse afterwards or any tools such as stones, crystal and oils feel free to use.

My Pikitia of my Turangawaiwai, Paegan Edmonds-Topia.



Tēnā koutou kātoa,

Ko Paegan tōku ingoa, he uri tēnei nō NgaPuhi, Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri, Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Hauā, born in Otahuhu and grew up in Pārirua, I’ve always loved nature and the amazing things nature does for you. That’s what Rongoā and Mirimiri does for me. 


I give thanks to my mother for making me give her mirimiri when she would stay up late at night, weaving a kete or a cloak. She always mentioned I had great hands for mirimiri but being a young teen that wasn’t something I wasn’t too keen on. 


When I studied Rongoā Māori in 2020 that’s when the love for mirimiri flourished. Your intentions, intuition all play a big part in the mirimiri process and that’s what gets me through each mirimiri I do. 


Think of it as your tipuna guiding you to help heal the person in front of you.  Everyone has their own form of Rongoā whether it be through mirimiri or tī making, you’ve just got to find your niche and that’s how I’ve found mine.

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