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Te Karanga ki ngā Taniwha Event

Shared Lines Japan, Pacific Ring of Fire and Aotearoa Zoom Hui

Facilitated by Aya Takada - Birdo Flugas and Linda Lee

Monday 21 August

6:30 - 8pm

Online Event

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Join us with a kōrero about the relationship that has been built between Shared Lines Collaborative (NZ) and Birdo Flugas Space (JP) since the 2011 earthquakes and tsunami and opportunities for artistic exchange and introducing artists Jun Matsuyama and Sakura Koretsune.

Aya Takada


Birdo Flugas


Jun Matsuyama

Jun Matsuyama incorporates painting, photography, text, and other techniques in the creation of his works, as if weaving a story about the people and places he encounters. In recent years, Matsuyama has often created works based on his research of people who have experienced tragic events and areas where natural disasters have occurred. The works include the stories of construction projects and victims after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the current situation in the poor areas of urban Manila in the Philippines and of Leyte damaged by a super typhoon as well as stories he encounters by chance. He illustrates those stories into something that can be experienced visually - a platform that can be shared with others. He has also worked as a coordinator for several art projects.




Sakura Koretsune


As an artist, I seek to reweave stories between humans and cetaceans through embroidered images on textiles in combination with stories of cetaceans I hear from others. The activities have evolved into my publication project, "Ordinary Whales," a series of small booklets introducing stories between humans and cetaceans. Having started this project in 2016, I have visited various places where human relations with whales and dolphins are found.


The places I visited are both inside and outside Japan: Ishinomaki and Kesennuma (Miyagi, Japan), Taiji (Wakayama, Japan), Abashiri and Tomakomai (Hokkaido, Japan), Point Hope (Alaska, USA), Shinnecock Nation (New York, USA), and various parts of Norway. I published up to Vol.6 of the booklet series as of 2023.

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