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Jason Muir: Political Cutz

Part of the Shared Lines Kaikōura 2019 programme


Political Cutz draws on the tradition of interactive theatre to create an open collaborative space where the skills of humour, listening and facilitation are promoted. Political Cutz is a project that grabs attention with its novelty and aims to stimulate political engagement in an era of declining participation in conventional democratic processes.


For SL:K 2019 Jason Muir brought his playful and disarming work, Kaikōura Kutz, south. Punters caped up for a free haircut and chatted about their relationship to their communities, culture and politics in the public sphere. The performances took place in multiple locations – from a sheltered doorway on the main street, alongside sheep shearing competitions at the A&P show to discussing ideologies from atop the picturesque peninsula. Muir curated 17 haircuts over the course of the week including the scissors being turned on him by local hairdresser Joanna York. Several Kutz were recorded by filmographer John Lake, which will be released online in due course. Due to the street theatre nature of some of the pop ups, they were able to attract a diverse audience with around 150 passers-by interacting along the way.

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