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Ruriko Satachi

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist





I’m Ruriko Satachi. I’m from Ishinomaki City in Miyagi prefecture, and I currently live and work in Sendai City. I make mainly 2D pieces. I create by using the natural colors of raw materials and applying them to a base material.



In this piece (picture 1), I used the roof of a building as the base, and I placed on it things that were lying around the area with “colors” that were unlikely to fade.



This (picture 2) is a piece where I applied colourful thread to a cloth base.




The majority of what I make are pieces created using charcoal from burnt trees. (pictures 3,4,5)

I grind up bamboo charcoal or the cinders you get from burning bamboo charcoal, and apply it to a base panel of stretched cloth using glue or acrylic medium.



The white parts are white things like tonoko polishing powder, plaster, or beeswax. While we would call the colour “charcoal” black, it is a black that is different from black paint. It has a strong feeling of substance, and when it’s been put on a flat surface, it doesn’t direct your gaze into that space. You can feel its pressure pushing and pushing out at you. Even if you grind it up finely, once it’s been applied, the quality of the black doesn’t change no matter how much you go at it with a file. So it’s the same color, but it also has the particular color of the material.




I think it’s the same thing as being “me” in a group of many people. In this world people are born, live, go on to be individuals but at the same time are also part of the whole. Humans are able to possess these contradictions concurrently, and that’s what I want to express – this part of us we can’t see.

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