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Ryo Kimura

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist 


体力のあるうちに、本格的に絵を学びたいという想いから、49才で広告デザイン系の仕事を辞め、山形の東北芸術工科大学洋画コースを受験し、入学。あっという間の4年間だったが、とりあえず卒業。その後も絵は描き続けたかったので、自分の立ち位置をどうするか考えて、アトリエにこもって描くというよりも、人と(あるいは社会と)関わりながら描くというのが必要ではないかという方向を選択。美術を中心に据えたカフェのようなものをつくろうと思い「美術カフェ ピクニカ」を立ち上げた。

At the age of 49, I quit my advertising job to take up painting seriously while I still have the physical strength. I passed the entrance exam and entered an oil painting course at Tohoku University of Art and Design.

My 4 years at University sped by, and I graduated.  I wanted to continue painting and decided that rather than painting alone in my studio, I wanted to paint with others in my community. For this reason, I started an art-centered café and called it, “ Art Café Picnica”.




Later, as Picnica is a small gallery style café, I felt the need for an exhibition space and established “Art Room Enoma” on the 2nd floor of the same building. Despite various difficulties we’ve made it to where we are today.

Although we are a local establishment, in this modern networking society I believe that in our small corner of the world we remain connected, and we continue our activities not knowing what the future will bring.



My main work focuses on painting. I always face the canvas wondering, “What are

pictures?” or “Why do people draw pictures?”. I suspect I could spend the rest of my life searching for the answers without finding them.

At the present time, I‘ve decided not to pursue my own painting style, but to paint with the possibility of expressing myself honestly. In other words I suppose, I want to approach painting with freedom.


play the Art. 絵画をもっともっと自由にたのしみたい。

My ideal is to deviate from existing painting practices. I would like to create work so my audience can see that whatever my viewpoint or style of painting is, I paint freely. Again, it may be impossible to achieve this in one lifetime, but I believe my own small ideas are also important.

I hope to continue to enjoy painting freely.

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