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Sandy Rodgers

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga exhibiting artist

Mahuika Med - Sandy Rodgers.jpg

Mahuika Med



I am of Ngati Raukawa & McDougal descent. My marae is Kikopiri, in Ohau on the Kapiti Coast and my ancestors arrived on the Tainui canoe.

I have been creating art all my life and have been a professional artist for the past 24 years. I spent two years, full time, learning traditional Maori arts under Erenora Puketapu-Hetet, Veranoa Hetet-Hauwaho and the whanau in Waiwhetu, I received an honors Diploma in creativity from The Learning Connexion.

Each work comprises a combination of elements from a collaged background of my research notes to intricate layers of imagery in watercolours, inks and graphite which tell a story. My work is then coated in thick layers of smoky shellac giving it an authentic and antique feel.

My inspiration comes from the many museums I've visited throughout the world. I travelled through Europe, Asia and the Americas and was inspired by the artifacts in the many museums and historical sites I visited. My goal was to create 'Contemporary Artifacts' which would tell our stories in a way that capture peoples interest from a distance with the bold central designs BUT also draw them in, as they get closer they see more information and are able to constantly make new discoveries.


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


As we were distanced people became closer than ever...I believe that Covid has connected people in a deeply emotional and digital way.

People were looking into the way they were living their lives, their wants, needs and the people that mattered most to them.
This has opened up minds and opportunities to work together towards a more digital and more home based world where people have the time to care for their own wellbeing whilst being more productive from home. Creativity flared at the same rate as Netflix logins...artists were working prolifically and were sharing their experiences online.

This work illustrates 'Te whare tapa wha' the Maori wellbeing model through the apps I have on my iphone. This represents how I focused on my own wellbeing during lockdown...with a focus on staying connected with friends and family using the 'Houseparty' app.

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