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Sari Omiya

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist

近江谷 沙里(オウミヤサリ)と申します。

My name is Sari Omiya. I live in Miyagi Prefecture and I work in pastels and oil paints. I often use girls as a theme in my work.

Using space and life and sensations as tools, I have a dialogue, a back-and-forth, and in this way I create pictures that are like living things.



“The Look”. Pastel on canvas, 2008.

I sought to paint my own emotions, however temporary, in the likeness of a girl’s face. It’s a vacant look but it’s not intended to be gloomy.

It’s quiet and in its quietness makes it very difficult to comprehend, but it’s supposed to be refreshing. Almost like a sea without any waves, taking it in as time steadily passes by. That’s the kind of image I want to give the viewer.



“The Space Picnic Dance”

Oil paint and oil pastel on canvas, 2011.

I imagined the kind of scene that makes one’s heart pound – a fair-skinned girl in a pea green meadow, and I painted it as though I were in a summer daydream.




Oil paint on canvas, 2011.

While painting, I imagined an energetic girl who, with her smile, sought to live each day of her life with vigour.

sweetly smiling girl was on your wall; I’d like to think that you would have reason to be happy and laugh, and that you might even speak to her from time to time.

That’s all from me, thanks very much for reading.

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