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Simon Edwards

Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai exhibiting artist


Ring of fire, oil on board

油彩 板

The landscape has been the source of my work… the work places itself somewhere between a modernistic reliance on the essential qualities(of the materials and methods of painting), and an awareness of traditional forms of the landscape. I use this as a departure point for entering into the process of layering and rubbing back, setting up a dialogue between the medium, the landscape and myself. The work becomes a result of reacting to what is happening on the surface at the time, and building on chance effects that present themselves, contributing to a sense of space distance and movement.

It is in our nature to make sense of our world by attaching the unknown to what is familiar to us and when we are faced with extreme uncertainty we often find an equally extreme control, the faster the ride the more you tighten the seatbelt. These paintings represent a return to my childhood landscape an environment that is close to me personally and a subject matter I have developed my painterly language around as a student. These are my normal. The memories I cling to, the spaces that remind me of home and the paintings I know I can make. This work takes its point of reference from the annual farming ‘burn-off, familiar to agricultural practice –a razing of crop stubble to clear the ground for new crop to be sown. These are works in which the imagery considers a disjuncture between the land and humanity, touching on an uneasy and transitory relationship with the natural world.





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