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Van Luong

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga exhibiting artist

DSC_0189 - Thi Thu Van Luong.JPG

In my works, I try to capture what is arising in my mind: melodies, thoughts, memories and dreams. I often use calm and ‘memory holding’ materials to show the ever-present of tension, poetry and softness. Through the process, I am trying to conduct a language, tracing back material memory and adding delicate and rhythmic patterns to the works. I often use watercolor as the dissolution of the matter and at the same time , embroidery and ink drawing are meant to embrace the matter.

My goal is to emphasize a sense of balance and harmony within matters of silences, rhythm, expectations, and lingering doubts. The shapes and colors in my works are meant to transport the viewer into the line, between reality and imaginary, between dreams and awaken, between living and staying alive.


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


Work in isolation. I don't have a problem with isolation or social distancing. If being isolated is the way of fighting back this pandemic, I'm willing to take it. I'm more concerned with those who fight this battle everyday for themselves and others, those who lost their family and hopes or jobs or business, etc . It really is overwhelming!

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