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Vicki Smith

Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga exhibiting artist

WeatherPassessOverVickiSmith2020 - Vicki

Weather Passes Over (2020)



Vicki Smith is from Harihari, a valley filled with watery ‘arteries and capillaries’ connecting the Southern Alps with the coast. Formative years instilled intense curiosity for nature, both creative and scientific.

Vicki spent more than a year at sea working as a scientific observer on fishing boats, she has worked in research, media, community and education. Her time at Canterbury University began in Sciences and transitioned through Social Sciences and Arts.
Current project work through local and government opportunities seeks to connect communities with environment, particularly water. Vicki employs multiple media in collaborative public and participatory art inviting audiences into these narratives about the environment. Her art creates ways for participants to explore and imagine more sustainable futures.

Vicki spent lock down aboard her 36 foot yacht (in Nelson). With a daily examination of clouds she journaled the experience alongside the changing weather patterns. Vicki engaged in drawing practice with a number of local artists who formed an online group, every Friday producing a response to given prompts. The experience of being liberated and constrained by a canvas with parameters is part of the attraction of working with the Shared Lines kaupapa.


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


Strand ~ (2020)



In the enforced stasis, we explore the geography of memory within the watery stillness of a silenced port. Each twisting line unravels the experience of being both stranded and liberated on the tidal edge of Covid 19.

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