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Yasuhiro Iguchi
Shared Lines: Ramat Koro Kur exhibiting artist

hokkaido 2.jpg

Māori business delegation in Hokkaido, 2016



AAEP 8.jpg

Koji Yuki and Te Taru White, 2013



Yasuhiro Iguchi (non-Ainu Japanese) - photographer, videographer


Yasu is a photographer and indigenous ally who documents the Aotearoa Ainu Mosir Exchange Program highlighting the significance of the cultural exchange. 


As an outlier, Yasu lends his talents to his native friends, finding the unique in what they may consider to be ordinary. He is a dedicated supporter of indigenous kaupapa and has worked alongside Ainu, Māori and indigenous Taiwanese. He has taken part in international residencies in Korea, Taiwan and Sweden.

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