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Mandy Cherry Joass


Whakaroa(expansion and delay) 2020 - Man

Whakaroa; expansion and delay (2020)

Mandy Joass is a full time sustainable sculptor and multidisciplinary artist. She graduated in 2015 from the University of Canterbury, where she was awarded the Edgar-Lonsdale drawing prize and two scholarships, with a BFA in sculpture. Since then Joass has been part of 30 exhibitions including 'NZSoS' 2016/2018 and 'Waiheke Sculpture on the Gulf ' 2019.

Of Ngapuhi, Pakeha, Viking whakapapa Joass's studies ignited a deeper connection with ancestral knowledge, which she expresses through raranga, exploring cultural connection through her work.

East coast elder Apirana Ngata explained Whakapapa as ‘the process of laying one thing upon another’. The warp and weft nature of raranga, mirrors the overlapping and integration of cultures, many small elements combining to form a new fabric stronger and richer than its individual strands.

Joass's use of recycled aluminum blinds serves as an industrial place holder for harakeke and a has been a silent witness to decades of cultural and social change. The blinds which date back as far as mid last century were present when a whole generation turned its back on all things mātauranga Māori. My work aims to celebrate the survival and expansion of this precious knowledge.


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


Blue Pureti (blue plate) Domestic chaos and balancing acts.

Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan 2020

Joass Kakata.jpg

Kakata, (Much Laughter, ōwarai, 大笑い) (2020) Mixed media on paper, 305x406mm

Joass Ipo.jpg

Ipo, (Love, Ai, 愛) (2020) Mixed media on card, 320x450mm 

The Japanese and Māori languages are both beautiful and similar. Using tools from another era (antique wood block letters, and die cutting machine) combined with contemporary techniques and materials to layer nurturing and powerful Māori words. Some of the things we need for resilience and to thrive are named in 'Ipo' are; kakata (much laughter, ōwarai, 大笑い), wairua (spirit, seishin, 精神) whakapono (trust, shinrai), piki (support, sapōto, サポート), wawata (dreams, ho-hu, 抱負), atua (ancestral connection, senzo no tsunagari, 先祖のつながり ). Ipo stands solid in the background as the basis for the other words, all of which appear three times like an incantation of emphasis, except kakata, which should be generously scattered all through life.


Shared Lines: Kaikōura 2019


Whakapapa (geneaology) (2019) Recycled aluminium Venetian blinds - SL:K exhibition at Christchurch Art Centre

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