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Marie Le Lievre


Marie Le Lievre has MFA in painting from University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts (2009). Her work is represented by Bartley + Co Art, Wellington NZ and Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, NZ. She works as a full time artist in Lyttelton and exhibits regularly and at international art fairs.


Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan 2020

25510B46-3259-4BDA-8822-2CD0D34F76D3 - M

Drawings (Exchange 1) oil, acrylic & graphite on paper, 2020, 200 x 300 mm

1BA97ECD-61C3-4DDB-BB39-4F2AB5832432 - M

Drawings (Exchange 2) oil, acrylic & graphite on paper, 2020, 200 x 300 mm

Abstract drawing and painting to express the intuitive and emotional dimensions of life.


Shared Lines: Christchurch / Sendai 2012 - 2013

Marie Barbiturate.JPG

Barbiturates Series 2, Oil on Canvas, 255 x 255mm

"In Barbiturates, the candy-coloured shapes, or pills as the title suggests, appear almost burnt onto the canvas, its bitter sweet effect quite beguiling and tactile; ... with suggestion of both transfiguration and heaviness, are a cathartic rendering for the artist, the very mechanism of painting being her own poison of choice." Jennifer Hay

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