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Min-Young Her is a recent graduate with a BFA with a major in Sculpture and has exhibited at the University of Canterbury. 

Her’s work breaks down the bodily processes familiar to us, utilising both external and internal movements to communicate ideas of constraint. Her also brings into this an interest in history, cultural traditions and the trauma that these areas experience. By using the strategy of restriction and repetition, she pulls together her concerns surrounding discomfort and viewership. 

Instagram: @just.a.min


Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


As a Korean immigrant, Min Her grew up with a mix of cultures and learned to grapple with different modes of communication. Her practice visually, and at times physically, engages textile sculptures that invite audiences to be enveloped into an installation. She does this by using the tactile and familiar nature of fabrics and costumes to draw in audiences to an unknown space. During her time Ilam School of Fine Arts, Her delved deeply into the historical traumas Korea has experienced in an effort to investigate the effects these events can have on a culture and its people. 


Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan 2020

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Excerpts from "I can't pull it out" film works, digital film and handmade costumes, 2019

I am interested in tensions of human relationships and interactions along with the way people respond with confusion or nervous laughter. My works challenge or push these moments of discomfort and tend to be interactive environments/wearable pieces. I take advantage of found items as they lend themselves to be turned into something recognisable yet uncanny. This in turn allows the works to be presented without overbearing reverence. Most notably, the discomforts in my costume works are enhanced through dance and movement. This performative aspect affects both the process and presentation of the works, whether it is how I construct the works themselves or the viewers unknowingly becoming a part of the work. 

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