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An Artist trying to reinvent the world one street at a time. Fighting the colonisation of the imagination with elements of humour, story with playfulness. Connecting people to form shared worlds where they feel safe and free to express themselves.

Influenced by Dada the Situationalists and Pataphysics the work of Alfred Jarry, “the science of imaginary solutions” The breaking down of conventional reality and the establishment of a new fun replacement.

This is the heart of my practice, the creation of worlds sometimes as paintings and drawings but also as interactive games, events and sculptures. Always with undertones of inclusivity, social commentary and story telling inviting people to become involved. 



Shared Lines: Pūtahitanga 2020


Gerry Brownlee (2020)

The cynical, short sighted slime of a treacherous Tory crime. A tribute to lack of love and imagination. An opportunity lost to create a garden of Eden. A heavenly city lost and possibilities of what could have been.


Shared Lines: Aotearoa in Japan 2020

small A3 Swan Goddess - Stephen Templer.

The Nature Spirit (2019) A3

The personification of nature as spirits and deities is the theme that has emerged. The beauty of my surroundings and having some moments of stillness to meditate and day dream has led to these nature spirits and the qualities they embody. 

Areas speak to us over time if we let them and I feel colours and characters appear and are imbued in places. Some of these stories and characters have been ideas and feelings in me for a long time and have finally risen to the surface.

Maybe if we see the environment as a person that needs to be cared for and has history and character we will treat her with respect. Not just an object to be used.

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